Passion over business opportunity for entrepreneurs

Since I was teenager I thought about having my own company.. I had my dad as a model who never had a boss in his life and even if he never pushed me to start my own company and I seen as I grow up that it was what I wanted to do.. Early in my career I started a business in a field I liked (network security) within a great market. It was a services company with no product and I realized that I do enjoy building products which was part of my decision to take a big step, move to the US and get an MBA in the best place for entrepreneurship in the world. What happened, and I realize it now in fact, is that the MBA, despite all the great things it brought me, biased me into looking t business opportunities instead of listening to my passion.

This blog is inspired by the realization that a great business opportunity does not make it a great opportunity for the MBA entrepreneur…

In the MBA, you learn to study markets, business, massage company structures to make them work, look at synergies, macro economics, financial structure of companies and all the good stuff. The consequence is that I started looking at every opportunity through that lens.. The problem with that is that I got trained to look at a business and find a way (at least potential) to make it work. A lot of opportunities then become interesting to look at.. Many markets are still untapped, many markets and opportunities are still open or using old technologies that could be shaken up. Basically I kept seeing many opportunities all around me.

I came to believe that focus is important. Focus is the ability to set aside interferences and nail the energy in the one thing you want to achieve. I have always been in a rush in my career, jumping from an opportunity to the next, but as I listen to podcast of great successful entrepreneurs, I realize they often times have spend many many years in the same company, learning, getting really good at what they do, working long term projects, staying focus on their company. Comes a point where a trained MBA, with an entrepreneurial mindset, needs to focus as well..

Where are you going to focus? On a great opportunity or on something you are passionate about? That is the whole point of this blog.. I personally do not believe someone can stay focus on a great opportunity if it is not a true passion, and that it is bound to fail.

For MBA alumni or MBA students out there, stop thinking like an MBA on every opportunity you see, and match it to your inner passion… Do you see yourself working on this opportunity for 5 years? 10 years? Are you really interested in this field or industry? Is this field what you want to be the expert in? Are you ready to read entire books and reports about this industry without falling asleep?? Do you see this industry become your life on a daily basis? I feel this is fundamental and that the combination of technical skills learned in the MBA and the passion is the recipe for success..

Let’s keep searching, the opportunity is out there 🙂


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